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Enhance Your E Ink Screen with Our Portal

When you've purchased a Project E Ink screen, you can use our portal, which either displays any public URL or an AI artwork inspired by the top story on Hacker News. This costs 60 EUR annually.

After purchasing your Project E Ink screen, you'll receive one month of complimentary access to our portal to try it out. If you'd like to continue using the Project E Ink portal, please subscribe for 60 EUR annually:

➡️ Subscribe here to use our portal.

If already subscribed manage your subscription here.

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Showcase any public URL

Our software allows you to load any public URL on your Project E Ink screen. Some sites just look better in E Ink!

Free shipping

Free shipping globally. We'll deliver your E Ink Display right to your doorstep.


Not happy? You have thirty days to return your E Ink Display.

Read our returns policy.